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23 Application And Real Case Feedback

23 application and real case feedback

3M Self-Amalgamating Tape, 0.76mm Thickness, 1.4KN/m Tensile Strength - Scotch 23 Series - SCOTCH 23 9.15X19
Looking for a tape that can handle the heat? Look no further than this self-amalgamating tape from 3M. Its highly conformable ethylene propylene rubber is designed specifically for splicing and terminating cables with overload temperatures of up to +130°C to make quick work of heavy-duty electrical jobs. This product stretches up to 1000% of its original size, and it provides a moisture-resistant and void-free barrier that won't fail you in tough conditions.

Features & Benefits
• Polyester lining prevents self-sticking, making installation a breeze without getting in a tangle
• Thick 0.76mm tape won't crack or rip when exposed to the elements
• 5-year shelf life ensures long-term effectiveness without the need for frequent replacement

• Automotive industry
• Electrical insulation
• Aerospace engineering
• Use Scotch® Rubber Splicing Tape 23 for low or high voltage applications and joints up to 69 kV.
• This 0.76 mm thick, highly conformable, self-amalgamating EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) based tape can be stretched up to 100% for void-free, moisture-resistant insulation.
• It’s non-vulcanising and shelf-stable with excellent electrical properties.
Featuring a special polyester liner that will not stick when unwinding, this tape is ideal for moisture sealing electrical connections.



1.Can wires with exposed cables be made safe with this tape?
Yes, the electrical tape is designed for this purpose, but would recommended seek professional advice to deal with exposed wires.

2. How much insulation does this tape provide?
This tape safely insulates solid dielectric cables between 600V and 69kV, making it ideal for most industrial electric applications.

3. What is Scotch 23 rubber splicing tape used for?
Applications include primary insulation for splicing all solid dielectric cables up to 69 kV , moisture sealing electrical connecitons and jacketing on high voltage splices and terminations.

4. Is this rubber splicing tape waterproof?
The product Scotch 23 is a self-fusing rubber tape that bonds quickly to itself without heat into a solid mass that is watertight for electrical protection.

Some real reality from customer:
Give 5 stars review, Surprised. Reviewed in Spain on June 11.
I've never used this kind of tape before, but I found it amazing. At first you don't know how to do it, but it's as simple as cutting a piece (half as much as you need) removing the plastic protector that makes it roll up and does not stick and stretching it twice as large as it is placed. Once installed, if properly installed it is impossible to remove, except by using a cutter, as it looks very good. Very good product for insulating electrical connections. I strongly advise your purchase.
Give 5 stars review, Facility. Reviewed in Spain on June 26
Easier to use than it seems.
Give 5 stars review, All good. Reviewed in Germany on February 17
Everything is great and always happy.
Give 4.5 stars review, not bad for using. Reviewed in England on May 08
An excellent experience, the item is good, but the shipping is so long. Only for usage, I can tell the performance is good, just like the description. I can check the QR code to see the item is original, that is really nice for me.