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Beijing Jingxun Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 as a marketing company with all vitality, potential and comprehensive strength. We have been operating in 3M products for over 30 years. In this period, we gain the best seller prize not only once, and developed the deeply cooperation with their professional managing staff. Therefore, we have established a long term and good cooperative relationship with 3M. Also, we have business relations with other Fortune 500 companies after 3M soon. According to the long-term cooperation, we have proficient in a series of processes of powerful products, which can meet different order needs.


On the basis of business and marketing, the company has taken in a group of experienced personnel’s who are talented in senior management ,marketing and product technology,most of them were graduated from the university of Toronto, the Queen Mary University Of London and other world famous universities. These beneficial fresh talents bring the company new direction and strategy, so that the company in the next few years, rapid development, even reach the industry top. Through the personnel changes and restructuring of the scientific system, we will continue to pursue our consistent purpose: reliable quality, reasonable price, and clever business strategy to gain customers' trust and long-term cooperation.

Main products of our company :3M Electrical Tape,3M professional special adhesive tape,3M VHB double-side tape,3M communication product and so on.

Our professional production, quality Inspection, Business, after-sales service, warehousing, and International Trade Department will try everything to offer our customers with best services and best products .We will be your devoted friend and cooperative partner, to help you solve all the problems that you meet in the specialized fields of the products.

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